Saving Energy with Natural Gas

Positive changes to the energy markets have made it possible for you to buy your natural gas from someone other than your local utility company. Northeast energy can help you with Smart Energy. We deliver discounted energy to your home to save you money. Call us now and get smart today.

Risk Free Energy Savings

  • No Upfront Fees or Deposits
  • No Interruptions to Service
  • No Special Service Calls to Switch
  • Save Hundreds on Your Gas Bill
  • No Credit Checks
  • Immediate Sign-Up

What's the difference between energy supply and energy delivery?
Your energy service is broken into energy supply and energy delivery. In the price of natural gas, prices were state regulated, and the local utilities provided both supply and delivery. Now, thanks to deregulation you can choose your natural gas supplier while keeping your current utility to deliver your energy. This gives you the ability to buy your natural gas from us and lower your energy bills.

How hard is it to switch?
Simply locate your current energy bill and account number, then call our toll free number or visit us online. It takes just a few minutes, and you will never have a service interruption. In today's tough economy this is the easiest way to save money with no deposits, no upfront fees and no interruptions. Start saving today and switch to Northeast Energy.

If you are looking for a natural gas energy specialist, then please call 855-443-8427 or complete our online request form.